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Terence BEGHYN | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Nicolas BLANCHEMAIN | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Damien BOSC | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Guillaume CAITUCOLI | Legal practitioner – Eurasanté
Antoine COCHEZ | Associate lecturer – ILIS of Lille
Olivier COUPIER | Incubator/Accelerator Director – Eurasanté
Pascal DAO PHAN | Associate professor - School of Pharmacy of Lille – Head manager for clinical trials BAYER
Bertrand DÉCAUDIN | Professor – hospital pharmacist – Dean of the School of Pharmacy
Benoit DEMIL | Professor – IAE of Lille
Rebecca DEPREZ POULAIN | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Benoit DERVAUX | University lecturer – hospital (medical) practitioner – Coordinator of the innovation
and medico-economic assessment committee in Lille University/Teaching Hospital
Wajdi DHIFI | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Benjamin GUINHOUYA | University lecturer – ILIS of Lille
Xavier LECOCQ | Professor – IAE of Lille
Thomas MORGENROTH | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille
– Head of Health Entrepreneurship Program
Anne-Catherine PERROY | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Anne TAILLEUX | Professor – School of Pharmacy of Lille
Djamel ZITOUNI | University lecturer – School of Pharmacy of Lille

Dominique CRIE

« The health startup is a special organizational object. Actors’ behavior, regulation, marketing products / services ... traditional organizational, business and marketing models are no longer adequate. The original program of this intensive training allows, in an interactive and individualized way, to question these multiple problems and to create adapted solutions to each particular context. »
Dominique CRIÉ | Professor – IAE of LILLE


« The Health entrepreneurship program is an innovative educational offer that uniquely combines scientific, management and strategy courses specifically adapted to the biotechnology sector. It will enable future managers as well as those in office to acquire knowledge and skills which, for the latter, they did not learn or develop in their initial degree. Learning is made easy and the programme is rooted in everyday reality thanks to numerous case studies and courses given by professional belonging to the sector. »

Benoit DEPREZ | Professor - School of Pharmacy of Lille, Scientific Director of Institut Pasteur Lille


« This unique program enables to associate in one profile the scientific and entrepreneurial skills needed to develop a health start-up. For researchers, this first step into a business environment will bring them a fresh perspective to their project and this time from a market access point of view. For CEOs and business developers with no scientific training, this program is an essential step to understand all the specificities of the health sectors - biotech / pharma, medtech or e-health. »

Etienne VERVAECKE | Managing director, Eurasanté


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