Join a company or develop your own start-up thanks to an industrial and academic ecosystem among the most fertile in Europe for the development of innovative health start-ups, in Lille Northern France.

  • 1,100 health companies
  • €12,5 billion turnover
  • 4,000 public and private researchers
  • Key expertises in: cardiometabolic diseases, pharmacochemistry, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, food and nutrition
  • The Eurasanté Bio-Incubator: ranked among the top 25 best European incubators fostering pharm/biotech start-up development (2021 ranking


Health project leader

Each participant of the Health Entrepreneurship Program can benefit from 20 hours personalised support, delivered by Eurasanté’s experts. For the entrepreneurs involved in this traineeship, this special mentoring aims at reinforce the economic potential of a startup. Participants who would like to accelerate their own start-up will be able to apply to Eurasanté’s Bio-Incubator and Bio-Accelerator programs.

For over twenty years, The Eurasanté Bio-Incubator and Bio Accélérator has supported emerging projects in the regional health sector to promote the creation and the development of innovative companies.

  • 210 projects supported
  • 130 companies created
  • €650m equity raised
  • 1 300 jobs created


Many start-ups founders are looking for an associate to accelerate their development. Thanks to the Health Entrepreneurship Program, you will bring as a CEO the perfect skills needed by these innovative health start-ups. During the year, meetings are organized to match the needs between start-ups and students of the program”.


Thibaut Castro Delannoy, HR consultant at Eurasanté

The Health Entrepreneurship Program will allow you to develop your skills in order to manage a health startup. You will access to responsibilities more important thanks to your knowledge of the health sector and your comprehension of innovation process”.


Jerome Galerne, co-founder, Running Care

Thanks to the Eurasanté ecosystem, I had the opportunity to get in touch with an "entrepreneur" doctor, Geoffrey Wandji. We discovered that we share many hobbies and common values. As I worked as a consultant for his project, we finally decided to join forces and our skills together ro create Running Care. We knew from our experience that launching a startup was a long, winding, and risky journey. Today we are completely complementary, as my partner covers the medical and scientific aspects and I take care of the management, IT and development aspects”.


Fabien Pagniez, CEO, MDoloris Medical Systems

I already had several years of experience in the sector, years spent working with anesthetists / resuscitators who often told me of the need to develop a tool to measure pain because nothing satisfactory existed. In collaboration with researchers from the University Hospital of Lille, we created a company centered on the use of a great technology. I really liked the idea of building a new Gold Standard from scratch, the fact that there is everything to create, everything to finance”.


Participant profiles

  • Employees of healthcare companies
  • Project leaders supported by an incubator or accelerator
  • Masters and Post-Doctorate students
  • PhD students | Researchers | Laboratory directors | Leaders
  • Business developers
  • Consultants from services companies



  • Health passport: Innobiochips provides its serological test for COVID19 in the United Kingdom
  • Pr Nicolas Blanchemain from Lille University designed a mask that kills the coronavirus, in partnership with the company BioSerenity.
  • Apteeus and the Institute Pasteur of Lille launch clinical trials to test the efficacy of a drug candidate against Covid-19.