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Bandeau Program


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Acquisition of theoretical knowledge focused on the management of a company, innovation and the specificities and constraints of the health sector and its sub-sectors (medical devices, e-health, biotech / pharmaceutical companies) in several themed modules.

  • Strategy and business models of health companies
  • nnovation Management / Health & e-health Business Models
  • Financial analysis
  • Innovation law and industrial / Intellectual property / Data privacy
  • Marketing of health products / Health data marketing
  • Management of a health start-up company / operational development
  • Entrepreneurial drive, spirit / leadership
  • Trends and developments in the health entrepreneurial ecosystem


Adapted modules providing a better understanding of the institutional framework and regulatory health in France and Europe, technical and medico-economic assessment methods in health care systems.

  • Biotechnology, Medtech & e-health market macro-environment
  • Health institution and regulation (ex : assessment and regulation of medical devices, GDPR, National Commission on Informatics and Liberty)
  • Health economic evaluation

Health Economic Eval, Biotech and health macro environment

  • Medtech and health macro-environment, Medical device regulation
  • Health regulation Health economic evaluation
  • Partnership and techno innovation principles (how to develop and market your product?)
  • Legal and regulative E-Health environment (Data Protection, Data Hosting, GDPR)
  • E-Heath market and time to market
  • E-Health project Management (how to run your project?)
  • Business Model related to E-Health sector
  • How to innovate and to differentiate regarding the competitors?
  • Focus on Technology and challenges linked to patient related health
  • Healthcare procurement processes (ex: public tenders)


Acquisition of knowledge in order to appreciate the ability to use new tools from the medical and bio-medical sector. Technological advancement in the< health care industry (medical devices, artificial intelligence, drug discovery..., tools / instruments for precision medicine) • Clinical studies (real world data)

  • Epidemiology & digital epidemiology
  • Data science / Health data bases / Machine & deep learning
  • Development process of a medicine
  • Clinical studies procedures
  • Technology transfer
  • Development process of a medical device
  • Evaluation of the product
  • Technology transfer
  • 4P Medicine
  • Healthcare pathways related to E-Health Data Analysis - AI - Genomics

Bandeau Feedback


Meet with company directors and industry professionals to share their experience in launching their own start-up and the importance of having both a scientific and business culture.


You will carry out a 60 hour (or more) professional pratice perod in a health industry company with the support of both an industry mentor and a pedagogical tutor.

Participants will be able to better understand the business models of health companies, learn everyday managerial tasks and put their theoretical< knowledge into practice in a business environment.


Each participant of the Health Entrepreneurship Program can benefit from 20 hours personalised support, delivered by Eurasanté’s experts. For the entrepreneurs involved in this traineeship, this special mentoring aims at reinforce the economic potential of a startup.

Participants who would like to accelerate their own start-up will be able to apply to Eurasanté’s Bio-Incubator and Bio-Accelerator programs.